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2020 In Review

Our work with Oxbridge Watches revolves around promoting their unique luxury product to their lucrative niche.

Our main role within the partnership is delivering regular design & captions for social media content as well as creating on-trend blog articles for their hugely successful ‘Journal’.

Our Approach:

We quickly established that regular activity was key to engage the Oxbridge Watches audience. As a relatively small audience (Oxbridge Graduates) we chose to take a content-heavy approach through regular blog articles.

Staying up-to-date with seasonal sales and wider university activity has proven effective, as well as more general ‘Did You Know’ style posting to engage the graduate audience.

However, nostalgia alone isn’t enough to sell luxury watches, so we’ve been sure to pay particular attention to the prestige of OW’s manufacturer, Bremont Chronometers & their proven product quality.

The Results:


website visitors

Hear From Them:

“ZapHub have been consistently high quality over the last 18+ months we have been working with them. Since we are in the luxury space, the quality of our product needs to be reflected in our digital presence, something that ZapHub have consistently achieved.

Together, we have built a top-tier digital presence that receives positive feedback from all of our partners, customers and suppliers.”

Owen Thompson 

Founder | Oxbridge Watches

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