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Will White-Label Work For My Agency?

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You’ve heard it before – ‘Outsourcing is the future’. Well, we think outsourcing is already here.

A recent study has estimated that the value of outsourcing to white label Marketing and IT services across the globe was $520.74 billion in 2019. This eye-watering figure is expected to sustain annual growth by over 7% until at least 2027 (CAGR). In short, white label marketing is dominating. 

White label marketing agencies bring considerable value to agencies of any size, here’s why white-label could work for you:


What Is White Label?

The process behind white label marketing is simple. Specialised, white-label marketing agencies produce marketing solutions which are discreetly delivered to other marketing organisations. After purchase, these non-branded solutions are rolled out to clients under both your brand name and price tag. 

It’s about saving organisations both time and money whilst having the resources to provide expert services. It isn’t surprising that the popularity of white label agencies has gained rapid momentum and will continue to do so.


What Can White Label Marketing Do For You? 

A growing number of organisations across the world are reaping the benefits of white-label solutions. From cost-saving initiatives to optimising productivity; white label offers it all. 

One of the significant benefits to outsourcing marketing solutions to white-label agencies is the cost-saving aspect; you get access to specialised marketing by a team of experts without needing to hire. In-house professionals are expensive and time-consuming, and the resources it takes to recruit, hire and train an employee are huge. 99% of the time, outsourcing is significantly cheaper, therefore freeing up your resources to provide a better level of service to your customers. 

Not only is white-label great for your organisation, but it is also great for your clients. For example, the scope of services that our white-label solutions offer are broad and include SEO, Social Media, Email, Content Creation and Web Design- to name only a few. For ambitious marketing agencies, there is always the fear that clients could be lost to an agency offering a wider range of services as they grow. With the wide scope of services offered by white-label agencies, this worry is removed as you can just bolt-on additional services are your client requires them. No hiring, no fuss, and you control your mark-up.

White-label allows agencies full brand cohesion; your client receives what they need, and you decide how much exposure they have to your white-label partner. As far as the client is concerned, the solutions are coming from your organisation.


The Challenges to White-Label 

Although white-label has revolutionised outsourced marketing, it is not for everyone. When considering white label it is important to consider both the benefits and challenges to decide whether it is the correct solution for your organisation at this time.

One of the most significant challenges to white-label is being able to trust your white-label partner. Worry that your white-label partner will not perform up to the client expectations is a risk with white-label, and due to the discrete nature of white-label, the responsibility for poor work will fall onto your desk. To ease this concern. it is vital to partner with a reputable white-label organisation. Look for customer testimonials and ask to see case studies of previous work to judge the quality for yourself. Additionally, make sure your processes and company cultures align so the agreed services can be delivered as smoothly as possible for everyone.

When it comes to failed white-label partnerships, one of the common mistakes that organisations make is resisting the loss of control over the production process. Your white-label partner is there to provide expertise which your organisation does not have, this is why it is crucial to work with a trusted agency. A common hurdle for white-label partnerships is establishing this trust, and so it is important that you are comfortable letting go of the reins slightly. UItimately, you’ll still sit in the middle of proceedings, so you get the final say on what does/doesn’t get in front of your client.

Although white-label is great because you can provide expertise under your branding. Just be aware that it may make some clients uncomfortable to know that their solution is being outsourced. Although transparency is respected, a common mistake in white-label is being too open with your clients. For white-label to work best, it is important to maintain the discrete nature of your agreement. White-label solutions are built on working discreetly, and they will be able to give you tips on how to operate discreetly. 

Our recommendation is to be upfront with your client – tell them you’re “working with” specialists to deliver them the best value – that way it distances you sufficiently from the process, whilst giving them the comfort that you’ll still have a handle on proceedings. If you promise the service is in-house, you can come unstuck quite quickly if the client starts asking probing questions as to the exact execution of their service.


When To Consider White Label 

Whilst there are many reasons why you might want to consider white-label solutions for your business, a key indicator that your organisation is ready for white-label is if you find yourself wanting to expand the services you offer. Customers might be requesting services that you don’t offer, or you simply might be looking to free up some time without destroying profit margins; in either case, white-label would be the way to go!

When you are ready to take your business offerings to the next level, there are plenty of white-label services available, so be sure to do your research and choose a reputable company with reasonable prices and showcases from previous work. 


What’s In It For Your White-label Partner? 

As a white-label service provider, we can be pretty honest about the pro’s and cons of white-label. For us, the opportunity to work with some awesome agencies gives us exposure to alternative ways of working, and gets us a role in market-leading campaigns.

Additionally, for ZapHub and other white-label agencies, providing services to other agencies removes our cost of sale. Honestly, it’s pretty simple – since you’ll bring the clients/projects, all we need to do is focus on what we love: being creative and delivering value. In truth, there are very few ‘genuine’ win/wins in business, but we’ve set our white-label solutions up to deliver value for everyone involved.

Since you’re here, let us tell you about our white-label capabilities! At ZapHub, we are dedicated to helping organisations outsource and grow. We are a community-first marketing agency assisted by in-house website design, advertisement & content creation expertise. We’re proud to have offered white-label solutions to many marketing agencies, and we’ve played leading roles in delivering some awesome campaigns to some pretty big brands. Learn more here or book a call with one of our white-label obsessed co-founders today! 

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